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Bike/Walk News


Aug 22, 2019

Thanks for helping us move toward a bicycle friendly future! The City of West Lafayette recently applied to be awarded the status of “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists. In order to further gauge the public’s opinion on our current bicycling accommodations and the overall experience of being a cyclist or pedestrian […]


Lafayette is located at 40°24′38″N 86°52′29″W (40.410585, -86.874681)[16] and lies in Fairfield and Wea Townships. Elevation at the court house is 550 feet (168 m), but city elevations range from a little over 500 feet (150 m) at the Wabash River to approximately 700 feet (210 m) in the areas of Murdock Park and Columbian Park.

According to the 2010 census, Lafayette has a total area of 27.74 square miles (71.85 km2), all land.

Source: Wikipedia